Australia's Top 10 New Species. Which did Australia choose as the No. 1?

Ever heard of the Kimberley Froglet, the Opera House Barnacle or the Bandalup Buttercup? Probably not, as they were only discovered in 2009 by Australian species discovery scientists. In fact, these three new species are part of a group nominated by scientists as 'Australia's Top 10 New Species'.

The 'Top 10' is a fascinating and diverse group that includes a frog, a fungus and a fossilised fruit fly! There is also an extremely rare, mountain-dwelling tree snail, named in honour of the late Steve Irwin and the Bacchus Marsh Wattle, which despite growing just outside of the city of Melbourne, was not named and described until 2009.

The results for the Top Ten new species competition were:

  • Winning species: Pink Handfish Brachiopsilus dianthus (31% of votes)
  • Second: Sea Spider Paranymphon bifilarium (15% of votes)
  • Third: Opera House Barnacle Calantica darwini (14% of votes)
  • Fourth: Steve Irwin's Tree Snail Crikey steveirwini (13.5% of votes)

The others (in order) were:

  • Kimberly Froglet
  • The Bandalup Buttercup
  • Spinifex Ant
  • Truffle-like Mushroom
  • Cape York Amber Fly
  • Bacchus Marsh Wattle

Winning Schools

Congratulations to our winning schools!

Prize: to choose one of the following - A visit for their class to a biodiversity exhibition at their state or territory museum, or a visit to their school from a species discovery scientist, or a visit from a biodiversity outreach program.

  • ACT - Harrison Primary School
  • NSW - Budgewoi Public School
  • QLD - Mount Mee State School
  • SA - Findon High School
  • TAS - Oatlands District High School
  • VIC - Dingley Primary School
  • WA - North Woodvale Primary School

  • Overall - Sebastopol College

Read about their prize experience

Over 16 years winners

Congratulations to our over 16 years winners!

Prize: participation in a Bush Blitz survey for a minimum of 2 nights and 3 days

  • Melanie Johnston - Wesley College Glen Waverley Campus
  • Chris Hart - Riverina Anglican College

Opera House Barnacle Kimberley Froglet Sea Spider Steve Irwins Tree Snail Spinifex Ant Pink Handfish Cape York Amber Fly Bucchus Marsh Wattle The Bandalup Buttercup Truffle like Mushroom

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